ISBN 9788172248178,The Theory and Practice of Managerial Ethics

The Theory and Practice of Managerial Ethics



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788172248178

ISBN-10 8172248172


Number of Pages 518 Pages
Language (English)


This is the age of the intellect where every manager has to thrive on the cutting edge of global competition. For this he has to not only be ethical in his conduct but also appear to be so per force. Business Ethics is all about how the business organisation behaves in relation to the larger environment. Managerial Ethics is concerned with how executives react in the face of an ethical dilemma. This research-based book deals with the latter. Ethics has to be both willed and desired before it is actualised. This book adds intellectual muscle to that belief. The authors have neither relied on spiritualism nor collected facts without first building a sound theoretical base in the philosophy of social sciences. Largely, this book is distinctly different from the other books on the subject since it is a product of empirical research and gives a direction to future scholars as well. More importantly, this book explicitly symbolises what the three authors stand for and has a fair degree of originality in "this is what they have to say". It uses twenty-six case studies culled from social reality to enforce the authors' argument. Hence it will have a greater appeal not only to the research scholar and those academia standing behind the lectern in a postgraduate classroom in a B-School but to every sociologist, psychologist and economist who is interested in ethics and human behaviour in Indian organisations. Every manager must have a copy of this book on his/her bookshelf.