ISBN 9788184951400,The Third Prince: A Novel

The Third Prince: A Novel



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184951400

ISBN-10 818495140X


Number of Pages 348 Pages
Language (English)


In 1603, Paru a young concubine is on the run. A precious jewel, her only possession has been stolen. And now the mysterious assailants are after her life. Friendless and penniless, Paru decides to fight back. Her razor sharp wit and her sensuous charms bring her closer to danger and a chance to start a new life. Meanwhile, the Empire is facing a crisis. An heir has to be chosen. Who will rule the magnificent Mughal Empire? Will it be Emperor Akbar's alcoholic son - Jahangir - who is intolerant of other religions and infatuated with wine and women? Or his young son Khusrau, who is still a child? The noblemen choose neither. They place their hopes on a prince who has never been seen. The elusive third prince, fathered by Akbar long ago on a battlefield. The only way to find the Prince is by tracking down a precious jewel Akbar had given the mother... Will the Third Prince take over the Empire? Will Paru wrest back what is rightfully hers?