ISBN 9780071464932,The Toughlove Prescription: How to Create and Enforce Boundaries for Your Teen

The Toughlove Prescription: How to Create and Enforce Boundaries for Your Teen



McGraw-Hill Companies

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780071464932

ISBN-10 007146493X


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Family & relationships

Stop your teen's behavior problems before they spin out of control. . The world has changed a lot in the quarter century since family therapists David and Phyllis York introduced their legendary Toughlove program for saving teens in crisis. Now, in "The Toughlove Prescription," Dr. Ron Zodkevitch picks up where the Yorks left off to arm parents with an original program for managing teens in today's digitized, R-rated world and averting crises "before" they start.. . From very serious problems such as drug addiction and violence to more common issues like smoking and body piercing, Dr. Zod arms you with the tools you need to deal with the whole gamut of teen-parenting challenges.. You'll learn how to: . . . Resolve conflicts and restore balance to your family . Spot the signs of drug abuse and stop it in its tracks . Talk to your teen about sex . Work with teachers to keep your child on track at school . Deal with the challenges of divorce and blended families . Recognize the signs of mental illness and manage a mentally ill teen . . . Although it prescribes discipline and setting limits, "The Toughlove Prescription" isn't about turning teens into obedient robots. Rather, it's about keeping the lines of communication open and teaching them responsibility, cooperation, and the wisdom to make correct choices on their own.. "Inspired by the revolutionary bestseller "Toughlove(R)," a guide to help parents discipline their children with love and consistency" "Toughlove(R) "was an international bestseller and one of the first guidebooks for parents of extremely troubled teens. "The Toughlove(R) Prescription "picks up where the million-plus mega-seller left off, helping you discipline your children, who live in a world saturated by cell phones, the Internet, and graphic displays of nudity and violence. Dr. Ron Zodkevitch helps you apply the Toughlove(R) techniques to more-common problems such as a messy room, smoking, and homework. He also incorporates a new, four-step program for you to reach out to your teens.