ISBN 9780143424741,The Tunnel of Time : An Autobiography

The Tunnel of Time : An Autobiography



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780143424741

ISBN-10 0143424742


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

Artists, Architects, Photographers

A plain story, simply told, A subtle humour runs through it all, Sit back and enjoy it - The Hindu

From being tormented by gamblers convinced they see lucky numbers concealed in his cartoons to being mistaken for a Mexican and debarred from attending an invitation dinner on Park Avenue because he is carrying a raincoat to being charged with importing obscene literature into the country because a friend has sent him a copy of Playboy, R. K. Laxman's experiences could rival the most uncanny adventures of his most enduring creation, the Common Man.

In The Tunnel of Time Laxman narrates the story of his life with the same acerbic wit, keen sense of humour and the satirist's ability to take a whimsical, cock-eyed look at just about anything under the sun that we are so familiar with.

The Tunnel of Time gives a good idea of Laxman's life and times and provides some surprising insights into the man - Telegraph Thoroughly enjoyable (his) style is as lucid as his drawings. The wry sense of humour, insight and healthy irreverence for everything are all there in abundance - Economic Times