ISBN 9781857881882,The UK Maharajahs: Inside the South Asian Success Story

The UK Maharajahs: Inside the South Asian Success Story



Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9781857881882

ISBN-10 1857881885


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


This volume reveals the prosperous South Asian community, and shows the real personalities and their backgrounds. It explains: who the South Asian entrepreneurs are who control great wealth and who will have a major influence on the UK into the next millennium; why this community has done so well; where they came from; where they are spending their money; and what their plans are for the future. Using in-depth interviews, the book sheds light on how successful entrepreneurs succeeded, often against the odds, and has gathered insights on family background, business philosophy, recreational interests, humanitarian and social welfare work. It covers figures such as: Shami Ahmed - manufacturer of Joe Bloggs jeans; Bharat Desai - of Syntel, planning massive investment in the UK; Gulam Noon - suppolier of Asian food to clients such as Sainsbury's and British Airways; and the Madhavani family, who account for ten per cent of Uganda's tax revenue. The book deals not only with wealth, but also with influence. It reflects the author's conviction that the South Asian community in Britain is not represented in national affairs to an extent proportionate to its presence and significance. It celebrates but sounds warnings, arguing tht there are fault lines in UK South Asian prosperity. It suggests that, like today's sometimes troubled tiger economies, successs might turn to catastrophe, unless government, business and individuals commit to building success upon success. The book concludes with a section on the top 100 UK South Asians, with resources, basic information and a directory of names to look out for in a range of areas - not only in business, but also politics, medicine, law, the arts and media, and education.