ISBN 9780007212910,The Ultimate Book Of Mind Maps

The Ultimate Book Of Mind Maps


Tony Buzan


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780007212910

ISBN-10 0007212917


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Body & health

The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps, by the international bestselling author, Tony Buzan, is a self-help book that will help you unlock your creativity, boost your memory and change your life. Summary of the Book The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps is a compelling book that will help you come up with brilliant ideas to improve your creativity, memory and eventually life. It will aid you in finding inspired solutions to any problem and create more time for yourself. The book will motivate you to set goals and achieve them. It will make you motivate not only yourself but also others, and helps you remember anything you want when you want. The book has colourful illustrations, examples of amazing thinking tools and practical mind map examples. It also discusses how to run meetings, prepare for an interview, start a business venture, hot to be the best in gardening, stay fit, write a speech for a wedding, shop gifts, and plan family events. The book will certainly change you for the better, by promising a bigger and brighter future for you. About Tony Buzan Tony Buzan is a famous English author and educational consultant. An alumnus of the Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver, Anthony Tony" Peter Buzan is a proponent of the mind mapping and mental literacy techniques. Some of his most notable works are Spore One - Structure in Hyperspace, Use Your Head, Speed Reading, Make the Most of Your Mind, and Use Your Perfect Memory.