ISBN 9788188452040,The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift


Stovall Jim


Embassy Books



Embassy Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788188452040

ISBN-10 8188452041


Edition 16th
Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)


The Ultimate Gift narrates the tale of Jason Stevens and his quest to inherit a million dollars left to him by his great-uncle Red Stevens. While Red Stevens, a millionaire, distributes his wealth among the older members of the family without much of a fuss, he makes Jason undergo a self-searching endeavor before letting him lay his hands on the money. Having found a spark of ambition and talent in Jason, Red is convinced that he is the last hope of an otherwise greedy family. He takes it upon himself to teach Jason about the importance of hard work and values, and the joy of giving people what they need. The path that Jason takes to get his money changes his life, and the entire story revolves around this plot. A graduate from the Oral Roberts University, Jim Stovall holds an Honorary Doctorate of Law. Despite being visually challenged, Stovall has done some wonderful work as the President of Narrative Television Network. NTN makes visual entertainment like movies and television shows accessible to the visually impaired. He has also written a sequel to The Ultimate Gift titled, The Ultimate Life.

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