ISBN 9788192100623,The Ultimate Iconoclast

The Ultimate Iconoclast



Ukay Publishing Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788192100623

ISBN-10 8192100626


Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)


About the Author
Easily, one of the most interesting and controversial thinkers of the present age, Rajneesh Osho, once remarked: 'I am leaving something really terrible for scholars; they will not be able to make any sense out of it. They will go nuts-and they deserve it, they should go nuts! But nobody can create an orthodoxy out of me, it is impossible.' The challenge is formidable but Dr. Kuldip Kumar Dhiman took it up as he feels Rajneesh might be a headache for scholars, but there is a great deal one can learn from him if one tries to understand him with an open mind.

Dr. Dhiman did his graduation in Graphic Design, post-graduation in English Literature, and a course in journalism from The Writers Bureau, Manchester. He then did his post-graduation in philosophy, and later a doctorate in philosophy, specialising in philosophical psychology. He worked for Deccan Herald and The Regional Institute of English, Bangalore, for a few years before he left for Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman to work for Fotomagic LLC as their chief photographer. He now works for The Tribune. He has over 300 articles and six short stories to his credit. His first book was Emotion: The Essence of Life. He edited The Science of Mental Healing, a book written by eminent psychiatrist Dr. N.L. Dosajh. A paper written by him was published in the book. The Philogophy of vivekananda, and another in The Dimensions of Human Values. He has also done research in parapsychology. He assisted Prof Antonia Mills of University of North British Columbia to investigate a case of bodily possession. A paper co-authored along with her was recently published in the Proceedings of The Society of Psychical Research, London. He is almost through with his thrid book which deals with the philosophy of Yogavasishtha, an ancient text by Valmiki.

Table of Contents
Mystic, Philosopher, Hedonist, or Nihilist?
The Consistently Inconsistent Man
Section I: Problems of Language and Knowledge
Understanding of Language and Knowledge
Belief, Knowledge and Experience
Section II: Body, Mind and Soul
Torture and Abuse of the Innocent Body
Workings of the Mind
Tentacles of the Ego
Purpose and Free Will
The Key to Supreme Bliss
Section III: Transcendental Psychology
Contribution to Psychology
Sex, Love and Ultimate Freedom
Section IV: The Right and the Beautiful
Moral Action or Authentic Action
Creativity and Life
Section V: New Being and the New World
False Revolutions Dangerous Solutions
I Teach You the Superman
The Brave New Woman
Capitalism the first step towards Socialism
Religion Means to Live Dangerously