ISBN 9789384180348,The Unbreakable You

The Unbreakable You



Write India Publishers

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384180348

ISBN-10 9384180343


Number of Pages 230 Pages
Language (English)

Indian Writing

Those who say failure is a good thing, lie; those who tell you that there's a lesson in heartbreak, will have all different say when they're in your shoes. There's apparently nothing more painful than seeing your bliss turn into misery. You start losing faith in yourself, you lose the trust of the people you love and eventually, lose them. You end up losing hope of overcoming your misery; but you do, because you can. Failure is good only when you overcome it, heartbreak is a lesson only if it can make you stronger. 1: Disha Bhatt & Sheerin Naz- 'A writer's destiny' 2: Rachna Gupta- 'Strange Connections' 3: Kajol Aikat- 'Life isn't a fairy tale' 4: Shraddha Satav- 'Vanguard' 5: Shravya Gunipudi- 'The Pebble theory' 6: Ruchi Rai- 'Her diary' 7: Sonali Mukherji- 'I live for you' 8: Apurva Joshi- 'Towards a new world' 9: Mathew Jasper- 'The Assisted' 10: Sreelekha chatarjee- 'The transcendental Wisdom' 11: Varsha Kalyani- 'Grand Power' 12: Chandrapal Khasiya- 'Lake of Faith' 13: Ankita Das- 'Failure Meets Failure' 14: Japneet Boyal- 'Amey's Mother' 15: Rupali Tiwari- 'Survivors' 16: Wazda Tarannum- 'The lost innocence' 17: Pooja Porte- 'Rise up and shine' 18: Joan Kiran- 'Fading Realities' 19: Jonali Karmakar- 'In my shoes' 20: Sagar Gandhi- 'A lone survivor' 21: Vidya Anand- 'Nothing bigger than life' 22: A Raja Rahul- 'The Unbreakable You Rise and Fall' (Poem) 23: Anmol Ratan sachdeva- 'Confident again' 24: Shubhi Mehrotra- 'The Quagmire' 25: Chinmay Gundlur- 'A Jewel in the creche' 26: Rahul Kapoor- 'Love tonic with lakshita' 27: Shreya Shetty- 'Living it my way'