ISBN 9789382025665,The Untold Story of Arundhati and the Black Emperor

The Untold Story of Arundhati and the Black Emperor


Rashmi Singh


Pigeon Books

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Pigeon Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382025665

ISBN-10 9382025669


Language (English)

Literature fiction

This is the story of sluttish play of time which loves to stay with rich, famous and powerful and deserts the weak and poor! A magical, mystical, passionate and sinful love story which played havoc with history-a story which was buried in the banks of Krishna River or somewhere amongst the mountainous valley of the Vindhyas in 7th century A.D. This tale is intricately woven around Chalukya Parameshwara or The Black Emperor, Pulkasein II, (610A.D-643A.D.) of Western Chalukya dynasty, his untamed passion for wars and his unusual desire for the forgotten enigmatic beauty, Arundhati! The story also traverses the immortal love life of Pulkasein II's contemporary, Narsimhavarman I of Pallava dynasty and his beloved Sivagami. "But you shall shine more bright in these contents than unswept stone besmear'd with sluttish time." ~William Shakespeare.