ISBN 9788172238742,The Untold Story Of India Partition : The Shadow Of The Great Game

The Untold Story Of India Partition : The Shadow Of The Great Game



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788172238742

ISBN-10 8172238746


Number of Pages 436 Pages
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Narendra Singh Sarila was the former ADC or aide-de-camp to Lord Mountbatten, who was India's last viceroy. He provides the readers with insights into the minds of important political personalities of that era, including Gandhi and Jinnah. He brings to light secret documents that show the role that the United States played in the Indian independence. The book also highlights the link between India's Partition and the Britishers gaining control of the oil resources of the USSR. Interesting information on Mountbatten, Attlee, Nehru, Churchill, and Wavell is also included. In 14 chapters, the book covers The Anglo-Muslim League Alliance, the clash between Churchill and Roosevelt over India, Attlee's 'Smoke Screens', Mountbatten's Counsellor, the Pakistan Scheme and Jinnah, The Mahatma's Fury, The Kashmir Imbroglio, and the relations between India, the UK, and the USA. The Shadow Of The Great Game: The Untold Story Of India's Partition is a first hand narrative of the manipulative techniques employed by the British before the Partition. He also recounts the bloody repercussions of the Partition. The book discusses how the Indian leaders of colonial India were inexperienced and thus manipulated. In detail, Narendra Singh Sarila documents how in 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the new Labour government under Wavell and Clement Attlee decided to divide India. With extensive references from classified documents from the USA, UK, and India, the book provides interesting insights into the India's Partition. The author has drawn his conclusions after extensive research from the Hartley Library Southampton, Oriental and Indian Collection of the British Library, Archives Of The State Department of the USA, Public Records Office Kew, Library Of The US Congress, and National Archives Washington among others. About Narendra Singh Sarila Narendra Singh Sarila was a renowned Indian author, and diplomat. Other books by him include Once a Prince of Sarila: Of Palaces and Elephant Rides of Nehrus and Mountbattens, and Vibhajan Ki Asali Kahani (Hindi). Born in 1927, Sarila was a multi-faceted personality. After India gained independence, he worked at the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and also served as an Indian diplomat. He also served as India's ambassador to Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, Libya, and France. Sarila has written several commentaries on national and international affairs, and served as a chairman of Nestle India board. He died in Geneva at the age of 84.