ISBN 9781856197144,The Various Haunts Of Men

The Various Haunts Of Men


Susan Hill


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781856197144

ISBN-10 185619714X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)


A lonely woman of 53 vanishes in fog - hidden in her cupboard is an expensive pair of cuff-links with a note: 'To You, with all possible love from your devoted, Me'. A fat 22-year-old never returns from an early morning walk - is her disappearance connected with her girlish crush on Dava, the blue-eyed 'therapist' whose speciality is 'inner harmony'? Experienced policemen know that most missing persons either turn up or go missing on purpose. But fresh young D. S. Freya Graffham won't drop it - until she discovers what links the people who disappear on 'The Hill', young and old, men and women, even a little dog. Susan Hill writes with compassion, humour and a unique understanding of the details of daily life. In Various Haunts of Men, she has created a small cathedral town (within the orbit of a large urban city) and filled it with recognizable characters - the local GPs, the exceedingly dodgy surgeon, the grieving widow who is helped through the ritual of Christmas by her kindly neighbour, the down-to-earth flatmate, the unhappy wife who fills her days with charity work - and the tall blond police officer, Simon, who stands at the centre of an ordinary world in which gruesome things go on in lock-up business units -