ISBN 9789381362648,The Vault of Essay: A Compulsory Book of Essay for All Competitive Examinations

The Vault of Essay: A Compulsory Book of Essay for All Competitive Examinations



Kalinjar Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381362648

ISBN-10 9381362645


Number of Pages 402 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Services

Table Of Contents
How to Develop Essay Writing Skills?
A. Essays on Political & Economic Issues
Sustainable Development
Judicial Activism and Indian Democracy
Is Autonomy the best Answer to combat Balkanization?
Intellectual Property Rights
Are we a 'Soft' State?
Education for All Campaign in India: Myth or Reality
Panchayati Raj in India
WTO & Indian Agriculture
How far has Democracy in India Delivered the Goods?
Water Resources Should Be Under the Control of the Central Government
Liberalization & its impact on the Indian Economy
How should a Civil Servant Conduct himself?
Creation of Smaller States and the Consequent Administrative
Economic and Developmental Implications
The emerging Global Order, Political and Economic
Economic Growth without Distributive Justice in bound to breed Violence
Politics without Ethics is a Disaster
Necessity of All India Judicial Services
Need for Transparency in Public Administration
The Misinterpretation and Misuse of Freedom in India
The Implications of Globalization for India
The Game of Politics
Relevance of National Rural Health Mission
FDI in Retail: To be or Not To be
World Wide Price Rise
B. Essays on National & International Issues
The Masks on New Imperialism
India's Role in Promoting ASEAN Co-operation
Terrorism and World Peace
London Riots: Causes & Cure (Growing racism in Europe)
Modernization and Westernization are not Identical Concpets
Restructuring of Indian Education System
Resource Management in the Indian Context
Privatization of Education in India
Corruption of India Rooted Deeply
Occupy Movement: Danger Bell is Ringing
The Lokpal Bill Debate
Relevance of NAM Today
Necessity of Uniform Civil Code
National Counter Terrorism Centre
Relevance of BRICS
Legislation vs. Judiciary in Pakistan
C. Essays on Social Issues
Necessity of Sex Education in India
National Identity and Patriotism
Preparedness of our Society for India's Global Leadership Role
Does Indian Cinema Shape our Popular Culture or merely Reflect It?
Men have Failed; Let Women Takeover
Indian Society at the Crossroads
Literacy is Growing Very Fast but there is no
Corresponding Growth in Reduction
Domestic Violence Against Women
Dowry System in India
Gender Inequality in India
HIV and Drug Abus in India
What we have not learnt during fifty years of Independence
Literacy in India
Poverty in India
Unemployement in India
Waste Management in India
Child Labour-free India: Myth or Reality
Problem of Child Abuse
The Problem of Old Age in India
Prostitution in India
Beggary in India
Women Empowerment-A Reality or Myth
The Joint Family System
The Role of Youth in India
D. Essays of Science-Tech, Environmental & Ecological Issues
Computer: The Harbinger of a Salient Revolution
Increasing Computerization would lead to the creation of Dehumanized Society
Ecological Considerations need not Hamper Development
Tourism & Region
The March of Science and the Erosion of Human Values
Development and Environment are not Contradictory Paradigms
India in Space: A Bag Full of Success
Durban Climate Meet
E. Essays on Philosophical & Quotation Based Issues
My vision of India in 2020 A.D.
Spirituality and Scientific Temper
Attitude Makes Habit, Habit Makes Character and Character Makes a Man
There is Nothing Either Good or Bad but Thinking Makes It So
Discipline Means Success, Anarchy Means Ruin (2008)
If Youth Knew, if Age Could
'He Who Reigns within himself and Rules his Passions
Desires and fears, is more than a King'
Youth is a blunder, Manhood a struggle, Old age is regret
When Money Speaks, the truth is Silent
Our Deeds Determine us, as much as we Determine our Deeds
Woman is God's best Creation
If you would have Peace Prepare for War
India's Contribution to World Wisdom
The Child is Father of Man
Many Species, One Planet, One Future
A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever
All that Glitters is not Gold
Practice Makes a Man Perfect
F. Essays on Cultural Issues & Personalities
As Civilization Advances Culture Declines
Globalization and Its Impact on Indian Culture
Mass Media Today: A Myth or a Reality?
Mahatma Gandhi
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Mother Teresa