ISBN 9788132107118,The Vital Drop Communication for Polio Eradication in India

The Vital Drop Communication for Polio Eradication in India


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132107118

ISBN-10 813210711X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 2110 Pages
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Studies in Indian Sociology, a seven-volume book series, has been brought out as a part of the Indian Sociological Society?s (ISS) Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. The first six volumes in the series are a collection of theme-based articles that have been published in the ISS?s biannual journal Sociological Bulletin. The seventh volume, Indian Sociology over the Years, is a collection of select ISS presidential addresses, edited by Jacob John Kattakayam. The fact that some of the articles that will appear in this series are several decades old and hence have fallen out of our immediate reach increases their value immeasurably. The publication of this series is also an attempt to commemorate the contributions and contributors of ISS to both the discipline of Sociology and society. This Volumes in this set includes: Volume 1: Indian Sociology: Issues And Challenges, Editor: L Thara Bhai Volume 2: Changing Caste: Ideology, Identity and Mobility, Editor: Surinder S Jodhka Volume 3: Agrarian Change and Mobilisation, Editor: B B Mohanty Volume 4: On The Margins: Tribes, Castes, and Other Social Categories, Editor: Abhijit Dasgupta Volume 5: Themes in Sociology of Education, Editor: R Indira Volume 6: Sociology of Social Movement, Editor: D R Sahu Volume 7: Indian Sociology Over the Years: Selected Presidential Addresses of AISC (1967?2010), Editor: Jacob John Kattakayam Table of Contents Volume 1: Indian Sociology: Issues And Challenges Sociology In Independent India Sociology Of Development And Planning In India Indian Sociology: Historical Development And Present Problems The Role Of Social Sciences In India: A Sociology Of Knowledge Sociology Of Indian Tradition And Tradition Of Indian Sociology Teaching And Research In Sociology In India Reflections On Social Science Research In India Indian Sociology: Search For Authentic Identity Indian Sociology And Sociology In India: Some Reflexions On Their Being Sociology In India: A Plea For Contextualisation Sociology In India And Its Future Beyond Fifty Years Of India?S Independence: Challenges To Scientific Sociology Victor Indian Sociology In Crisis: The Need For Regional Orientation Locating The Humanities And The Social Sciences In Institutes Of Technology Sociology And Current Affairs Volume 2: Changing Caste: Ideology, Identity And Mobility I: Conceptualising Change Ii: Dimensions Of Change Iii: Ideology, Identity And Political Sociology Of Caste Volume 3: Agrarian Change And Mobilisation I: Changing Agrarian Economy: Land, Labour And Credit Ii: Emerging Agrarian Social Structure: Caste And Class Relations Iii: Agrarian Change And Social Mobilisation Volume 4: On The Margins: Tribes, Castes And Other Social Categories I: The Socio-Cultural Marginality: Dalits And Tribes Ii: The Working Class Iii: Marginal And Liminal Categories Volume 5: Themes In Sociology Of Education I: Debates And Perspectives Ii: Women And Minorities: Educational Experiences Iii: Policy And Pedagogies Iv: Environment Volume 6: Sociology Of Social Movement I: Conceptual And Theoretical Ii: Agrarian Iii: Adivasis/Minorities Iv: Environment Volume 7: Indian Sociology Over The Years: Selected Presidential Addresses Of Aisc (1967?2010) Sociology And Sociologists In India Today Modernization And Development: Trends In India The Sociologist And The Social Reality Indian Sociology At The Turning Point The Concept Of Desired Type Of Society And The Problems Of Social Change Relevance Of The Marxist Approach To The Study Of Indian Society Social Policy And The Sociologist Problems And Perspectives In The Study Of Sociology Sociology And Social Transformation In India: The Neglect Of The Idea Of Fraternity Rural Probings: The Launching Base And The Rockets Some Reflections On Sociological Research And Teaching In India Sociology And The Emerging Challenge Of Change The Future Of Independent India: What Can Sociologists Do? Conceptualising Nation And Nationality In South Asia Ngos And Civil Society In India Social Policy Concerns In Indian Sociology Sociology For What? Rethinking Sociology In An Era Of Transformatory Changes Sociology?S Quest For ?Society?: An Enquiry Into The Current Pursuits And Needed Concerns In The Discipline Higher Education In India: A System On The Verge Of Chaos Development, Polity, And Social Tensions