ISBN 9788121511681,The War That Wasn't: The Sufi And The Sultan

The War That Wasn't: The Sufi And The Sultan



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788121511681

ISBN-10 8121511682

Hard Back

Number of Pages 257 Pages
Language (English)


The main thrust of the book is to analyze the subtle nuances of the dynamics of Sufi power in the social politics of the Delhi Sultanate, and how this power affected the relations between the Sufi and the Sultanate the two most powerful institutions in medieval India. This book contains numerous anecdotes from medieval Persian sources, while dealing with incidents related to these Sufis. Author's object in this book has been to examine the broad bases of Sufi history in the sultanate period to adduce Sufficient evidence to suggest the need for a new approach. This work contains vital aspects of the Sufi movement, i.e., philosophy and practices of Sufism, development of Sufism in India, dynamics of Sufi power and the multidimensional role of the Sufi hospices, especially, as an impetus to urban expansion, i.e., khanqahs in India, during the Sultanate period.