ISBN 9780141395647,The Whirlpool

The Whirlpool


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Penguin Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780141395647

ISBN-10 0141395648

Paper Back

Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Marriage rarely means happiness, either for man or woman; if it be not too grievous to be borne, one must thank the fates and take courage'.

The greatest of English realist novelists, famous for New Grub Street, George Gissing creates in The Whirlpool an astonish picture of characters caught in the vortex of London, struggling to understand how they can make sense of their lives in a society of remorseless faithlessness and social snobbery.

A whole era is magnificently brought to life in all its glamour and squalor - and at the book's heart lies one of the most remarkable figures in English literature: Alma Rolfe, torn between an idyll of rural domesticity and her career in London as a musician