ISBN 9780857207524,The White Princess

The White Princess



Simon & Schuster India

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780857207524

ISBN-10 0857207520


Number of Pages 544 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

The White Princess opens as the news of the battle of Bosworth is brought to Princess Elizabeth of York, who will learn not only which rival royal house has triumphed, Tudor or York, but also which suit or she will have to marry - Richard III her lover, Henry Tudor her enemy. A princess from birth, Elizabeth fell in love with Richard III and expected to marry him, though her mother made an arranged betrothal for her with the pretender to the throne - Henry Tudor, When Henry defeats Richard against all odds, Elizabeth has to marry the man who murdered her lover in battle and create a new royal family with him and his ambitious mother, Margaret Beaufort, The Red Queen. But, while the new monarchy can win, it cannot, it seems, hold power in an England which remembers the House of York with love. The new king's greatest fear is that somewhere, outside England, a prince from the House of York is waiting to invade and re-claim the throne for the house of York. When a young man who would be king leads his army and invades England, Elizabeth must decide whether to recognize him as her brother and a claimant to the throne, deny him in favor of the husband she is coming to love.