ISBN 9780071067461,The Why Of Work : How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations That Win

The Why Of Work : How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations That Win



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071067461

ISBN-10 0071067469


Number of Pages 412 Pages
Language (English)


According to studies, we all work for the same thing--and it's not just money. It's meaning. Through our work, we seek a sense of purpose, contribution, connection, value, and hope. Digging down to the meaning of work taps our resilience in hard times and our passion in good times. That's the simple but profound premise behind this groundbreaking book by renowned management expert Dave Ulrich and psychologist Wendy Ulrich. They've talked to thousands of people--from rank-and-file workers to clients and customers to top-level executives--and synthesized major disciplines to identify the "why" behind our most successful experiences. Using the model of the "abundant organization," they provide you with the "how" to create meaning and value in your own workplace. Learn how to: Ask the seven questions that drive abundance Understand the needs of your customers and staff Personalize the work to motivate your employees Build and grow your business in any economy By following the Ulrichs' step-by-step guidelines, you will set off a chain reaction of positive and enduring effects. Employees who find meaning in their work are more competent, committed, and eager to contribute-and their contribution will result in increased customer commitment, which delivers a winning performance on the bottom line. The Why of Work includes targeted checklists, questionnaires, and other useful tools to help you turn aspirations into action. Using the proven principles of abundance, you can coordinate your needs with those of your employers, your employees, and your customers--and create a vision that resonates for years to come. When you understand why we work, you know how to succeed. DAVE ULRICH, PH.D., is a professor of business at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and cofounder of The RBL Group. He has written 23 books that cover topics in HR, leadership, and organization; he serves on the Board of Directors for Herman Miller and the Board of Trustees of Southern Virginia University; and he is a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. WENDY ULRICH, PH.D., M.B.A., has been a practicing psychologist for over 20 years. She is the founder of Sixteen Stones Center for Growth, which offers seminar-retreats on creating abundance and meaning, and she has authored two books on personal change. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. The Case for Meaning Chapter 2. The Making of Abundance Chapter 3. What Am I Known For? (Identity) Chapter 4. Where Am I Going? (Purpose and Motivation) Chapter 5. Whom Do I Travel With? (Relationships and Teams That Work) Chapter 6. How Do I Build a Positive Work Environment? (Effective Work Culture or Setting) Chapter 7. What Challenges Interest Me? (Personalized Contributions) Chapter 8. How Do I Respond to Disposability and Change? (Growth, Learning, and Resilience) Chapter 9. What Delights Me? (Civility and Happiness) Chapter 10. Implications for Executives, Human Resources, and Individuals Appendix: Leadership Challenges and Actions as Meaning Makers Notes Index