ISBN 9780070590519,The Winners Way

The Winners Way



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780070590519

ISBN-10 0070590516

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Language (English)

Literature fiction

To be a winner-whether it's on the playing field or in the boardroom-you have to think like a winner. You have to be focused committed 'in the zone'...and prepared to change your strategy without dropping the ball. That's the key to success according to Dr. Pam Brill a leading psychologist and private consultant who has coached America's top sports teams and major corporations on the psychology of winning. Identifying the personality traits of winners from all walks of life Dr. Brill has unlocked the secret strategies that have helped others survive and thrive against all odds-a mindover-matter game plan that anyone can use in any arena. She's isolated 'The 3 A's' of tackling any challenge: Activation (the way you experience a challenge) Attitude (the way you think about it) and Attention (the way you respond to it). Once you learn to control the way you experience think and respond you can adapt your game enhance your performance reduce your stress and achieve your personal best. This is The Winner's Way

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