ISBN 9788132102991,The Winning Manager : Timeless Principles for Corporate Success

The Winning Manager : Timeless Principles for Corporate Success


Updesh Kumar


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132102991

ISBN-10 8132102991

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Suicidal Behaviour: Assessment of People-at-Risk provides a psychometric analysis of various aspects associated with suicidal risk assessment to understand the suicidal personality and predict suicidal behaviour. It includes articles by experts in the field covering suicide research carried out globally. The collection is divided into two sections?the first focuses on the theoretical issues and the second on the applied and practical issues related to suicidal behaviour among specific populations. The main features of the articles include: - Discussions on the diverse aspects of the problem in various socio-cultural contexts. - Suggestions on prevention strategies, along with analysis of various paradigms of suicidal behaviour, for the benefit of mental health practitioners and researchers. - A focussed discussion on specific population. - A comprehensive review of research in the field. - Reviews of suicide risk assessment tools. The discussion begins with a contextualisation of the psychological factors implicated in the aetiology of suicidal behaviour with the help of a biopsychosocial model and is followed by an empirical analysis. The theoretical issues are then examined from various perspectives. Some articles also focus on people-at-risk, including substance abusers, military personnel, adolescents, people suffering from bipolar disorders, etc. This compilation will serve as a supplementary reader for students of psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric social work and counselling. It will also be useful for mental health professionals as well as those undertaking research on suicide. Table of Contents Foreword DR ROBERT HOGAN Preface I: RISK ASSESSMENT: THEORETICAL ISSUES Psychological Perspectives on Suicidal Behaviour RORY C O?CONNOR Empirically Based Assessment of Suicide Risk CHAD E MORROW, CRAIG J BRYAN and KATHRYN KANZLER APPOLONIO Neurobiological Basis of Suicidal Ideation JITENDRA KUMAR TRIVEDI and SANNIDHYA VARMA Problem-solving Ability and Repeated Deliberate Self-harm CARMEL MCAULIFFE Suicide and Homicide: Theoretical Issues SWATI MUKHERJEE, UPDESH KUMAR and MANAS K MANDAL Cultural Issues in Suicide Risk Assessment ERMINIA COLUCCI Gender Issues in Suicide Risk Factor Assessment PETER OSVATH, VIKTOR VOROS and SANDOR FEKETE Developmental Issues in Risk Factor Assessment KIMBERLY A VAN ORDEN and ALEC L MILLER Reporting Suicide: Impact on Suicidal Behaviour FARAH KIDWAI II: ASSESSMENT: PEOPLE-AT-RISK Suicide: Its Assessment and Prediction PRITHA MUKHOPADHYAY Substance Use and Suicidal Behaviour NISHI MISRA, AMRI SABHARWAL and UPDESH KUMAR Suicide Risk in Bipolar Disorder MAURIZIO POMPILI, MARCO INNAMORATI, ENRICA DE SIMONI, ILARIA FALCONE, GASPARE PALMIERI, LAURA SAPIENZA and ROBERTO TATARELLI Depression and Suicide EVA SCHALLER and MANFRED WOLFERSDORF The Suicidal Soldier LARS MEHLUM and LATHA NRUGHAM Suicidal Ideation and Behavior among Asian Adolescents ANGEL NGA-MAN LEUNG, CATHY YUI-CHI FONG and CATHERINE ALEXANDRA MCBRIDE- CHANG Author Index Subject Index