ISBN 9789381431153,The Wisdom Tree Series: Quotes Of MahatmaNgandhi

The Wisdom Tree Series: Quotes Of MahatmaNgandhi


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ISBN 9789381431153

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Or Mahatma Gandhi, Stands Out As A Towering Figure ? Given His Lofty Moral Stature ? On The International Stage More Than Six Decades After His Death. He Was At The Forefront Of India?S Freedom Movement, Which Was Based On Ahimsa (Non-Violence). Gandhiji Inspired Movements For Freedom Across The World, Especially In Other Parts Of Asia And Africa. Born On 2 October 1869 At Porbandar, Gujarat, He Absorbed Very Early In Life The Experiences That Would Play An Important Role In His Adulthood. The Indian Classics, Especially The Fable Of Raja Harishchandra (Known For His Honesty), Made A Great Impact On The Young Gandhi. In His Schooldays, Gandhi Was An Average Student, And Somehow Managed To Pass His Matriculation Examination. In September 1888, Gandhi Went To London To Be Trained As A Barrister. There, He Interacted With Members Of The Theosophical Society, Where Buddhist And Hindu Literature Was Studied. He Soon Became Interested In Religious Thought And Started To Read The Holy Books Of Hinduism, Christianity And Other Religions. On 30 January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi Was Assassinated By Nathuram Godse, A Hindu Right-Wing Extremist, Who Mistakenly Believed That Gandhiji Was Responsible For The Partition Of The Country. Jawaharlal Nehru Lamented His Death Thus: ?The Light Has Gone Out Of Our Lives, And There Is Darkness Everywhere, And I Do Not Quite Know What To Tell You Or How To Say It. Our Beloved Leader, Bapu As We Called Him, The Father Of The Nation, Is No More. Perhaps I Am Wrong To Say That; Nevertheless, We Will Not See Him Again, As We Have Seen Him For These Many Years, We Will Not Run To Him For Advice Or Seek Solace From Him, And That Is A Terrible Blow, Not Only For Me, But For Millions And Millions In This Country.? Gandhiji Inspired Many Individuals In Different Countries, Such As Martin Luther King In The Usa (A Civil Rights Activist Who Fought For The Cause Of The Blacks) And Nelson Mandela In South Africa (Who Fought Against Apartheid). His Autobiography, My Experiments With Truth, Is One Of Most Candid Works Of Its Genre, Highlighting Both Plus And Minus Points Of The Author. Over The Years, Gandhiji Wrote A Large Number Of Articles In His Own Newspaper, The Harijan, Which Reflected His Philosophy And Thinking On Various Issues. Numerous Biographies Of Gandhiji Have Been Published And Continue To Be Published, Some Of Which Have Stirred Up Controversies. This Is A Compilation Of Best Of His Quotes.