ISBN 9788185986135,The World Of Nagaraj

The World Of Nagaraj


R. K. Narayan


India Book House



India Book House

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788185986135

ISBN-10 8185986134

Paper Back

Number of Pages 186 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Nagaraj lived a very peaceful existence with the company of his wife, Sita. He passed his days by writing letters, drinking coffee and doing a bit of bookkeeping for his friend's sari company. Sometimes, he sits in his veranda and thinks about the book that he hopes to write about the great sage Narada. However, his quiet and trouble-free life is rudely intruded by Tim, his brother's son. All of a sudden, Nagaraj finds that the only thing he ever worries about are things related to Tim. All the complications and disturbances are a threat to the life that he was leading before Tim happened. The story gives us many little details of the life in a small town in Southern India just like in many other R. K. Narayan's books