ISBN 9788129120786,The Worried Child: Recognising Anxiety In Children And Helping Them Heal

The Worried Child: Recognising Anxiety In Children And Helping Them Heal


Paul Foxman


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788129120786

ISBN-10 812912078X


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


A guide to happiness and healing for todays anxious child, forparents and teachers. Drawing on over thirty years of experience, Dr Paul Foxmanwritesa clear and well documented book for adults who want to helptheirchildren deal with anxiety. This book discusses thepersonalitytraits of anxious children, addressing the role ofparents, schoolsand society in contributing to childrensanxieties. It also offerssources of help, such as psychotherapy,medication and alternativetherapies. Indispensable for parents and other adults, this bookprovidesconcrete solutions to help your child lead a healthy andhappylife, free from stress and anxiety. The Worried Child discusses how parents and teachers can identify anxiety in children and the way it manifests itself at different ages. The book helps adults recognize symptoms of stress such as sleep disturbance, stomach upsets, learning problems and difficulties in social interaction. It provides pointers for managing the influence of TV and the internet on the minds of children. The book also discusses how parents and teachers can to talk to children about difficult topics such as drugs and alcohol. The Worried Child is a complete guide to helping children helpthemselves. About the Author: Paul Foxman Paul Foxman, PhD, is a psychologist and the director oftheCenter for Anxiety Disorders, Vermont. He is the author ofDancingwith Fear and the co-founder of the Lake Champlain WaldorfSchoolin Shelburne, Vermont.