ISBN 9781471150371,The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781471150371

ISBN-10 1471150372


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)

Biography & autobiography

Two-Time Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize David Mccullough Tells The Dramatic Story-Behind-The Story About The Brothers Who Taught The World How To Fly
On A Winter Day In 1903, In The Outer Banks Of North Carolina, Two Un-Known Brothers From Ohio Changed History. But It Would Take The World Some Time To Believe What Had Happened: The Age Of Flight Had Begun, With The First Heavier-Than-Air, Powered Machine Carrying A Pilot.
Who Were These Men And How Was It That They Achieved What They Did? David Mccullough, Two-Time Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize, Tells The Surpris-Ing, Profoundly Human Story Of Wilbur And Orville Wright. Far More Than A Couple Of Unschooled Dayton Bicycle Mechanics Who Happened To Hit On Success, They Were Men Of Exceptional Courage And Determination, And Of Far-Ranging Intellectual Interests And Ceaseless Curiosity, Much Of Which They Attributed To Their Upbringing. In This Thrilling Book, Mccullough Draws On The Immense Riches Of The Wright Papers, Including Private Dia-Ries, Notebooks, Scrapbooks, And More Than A Thousand Letters From Private Family Correspondence To Tell The Human Side Of The Wright Brothers Story, Including The Little-Known Contributions Of Their Sister, Katharine, Without Whom Things Might Well Have Gone Differently For Them.
About The Author: David Mccullough
David Mccullough Has Twice Received The Pulitzer Prize, For Truman And John Adams, And Twice Received The National Book Award, For The Path Between The Seas And Mornings On Horseback. His Other Ac-Claimed Books Are 1776, Brave Companions, The Johnstown Flood, The Great Bridge, And The Greater Journey. He Is The Recipient Of Numer-Ous Honors And Awards, Including The Presidential Medal Of Freedom, The Nations Highest Civilian Award.

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