ISBN 9788129129864,The Writer on the Hill : The Very Best of Ruskin Bond

The Writer on the Hill : The Very Best of Ruskin Bond


Ruskin Bond


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129129864

ISBN-10 8129129868


Number of Pages 408 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

There are so many lovely things to see, there is so much to do, so much fun to be had and so many charming and interesting people to meet. How can my pen ever run dry?

One of Indias finest and most prolific writers, Ruskin Bond has been putting pen to paper for well over six decades. Since The Room on the Roof his award winning debut novel which introduced readers to the unforgettable Rusty, the orphan from Dehradun - Bond has created characters both charming and eccentric, which have endured in popular imagination. And, in what is perhaps his most towering achievement, Bond has brought to pulsing life the mountains, valleys and rivers of Garhwal, as well as the quiet magic of small, tucked away places, in book after book

The Writer on the Hillis a comprehensive selection of Bonds fiction and nonfiction, both popular and little known. In Masterji, a young man meets his old Hindi teacher on a train platform, in handcuffs. In the excerpt from The Room on the Roof, Rusty stands up to his bullying guardian. Man and Leopard describes, in mesmerising prose, a heartbreaking encounter between man and the wild. And, in Once upon a Mountain Time, Bond creates a charming portrait of his little patch of earth in Mussoorie.

A tribute to one of the most popular and loved writers of India, The Writer on the Hillis also a celebration of the quiet, unhurried life, lived at ones own pace. This volume will delight Bonds fans everywhere.

Interesting Facts

  • The Writer on the Hillis a comprehensive collection of Ruskin Bonds work, spanning nearly six decades.

  • The book includes popular works like A Long Walk for Bina as well as ones which arent as well known anymore.

  • A part of the very best of series envisioned by Rupa, The Writer on the Hill will add weight and heft to the series.

  • The collection will jog the memories of die hard Ruskin Bond fans and do well as a nostalgia driven book. It should also interest a new generation of Bond fans.