ISBN 9788121503242,The Yoga of the Saints: Analysis of Spiritual Life

The Yoga of the Saints: Analysis of Spiritual Life



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1974

ISBN 9788121503242

ISBN-10 8121503248

Hard Back

Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


This volume contains the life-long spiritual experience of the author. In his view the discovery of God has been made till now by saints and prophets all over the world, and their experiences recorded in the scriptures. But the truth of them all has to be tested by our own rediscovery of the presence of the Divine in us as well as in others and in the Nature outside. Till this is not done by oneself with an initial but provisional faith in another person who has realized God, till one has not felt a vacuum in life which can never be filled by anything else except God, till, in other words, one has not felt the painful hunger for God, all talk about the divine presence and of the consequent joy and peace, is nothing but moonshine. There are no short cuts to the royal throne of God. Therefore, ye who wish not to be duped by falsehood, illusion, hallucination and delusion, nor by anything occult, hypnotic and magical, nor again wish to come under the woeful influence of drugs or of the pretenders and rogues in the garb of Sadhus and the recluse, nor wish to be carried away by poetic imagination, sexual imagery and fantastic notions about the future arrival of incarnations of God amongst us, and a hundred and one such barren and superstitious ideas, listen to us then with a faith to inquire and with a will to practise, so that you will have in course of time, as the late Professor R.D. Ranade used to propound, a direct, concrete and immediate contact with Reality.