ISBN 9781259005374,The Zigzag Principle

The Zigzag Principle



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781259005374

ISBN-10 1259005372


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


In The Zigzag Principle, Rich Christiansen applies a foundational law of nature to business management, entrepreneurship, goal-setting, and life in general as he explores why zigzagging toward our intended outcomes is more effective than trying to bulldoze our way through whatever stands between us and our objectives. Christiansen helps you get started, make your way over the big hill to initial profitability, and minimize risks along the way. As the head of well-established corporations and as the brains behind numerous start-ups, Christiansen has been through it all, and he?s charted all the zigs and zags you?ll encounter. In The Zigzag Principle, he documents everything he has learned, including how to: Identify your destination Create a defined set of values to help you as your business finds its way Add resources and hire the right people, as you turn the cash you have into fuel for more Replicate your successes to bring your product to the masses Protect your resources, your family, and your sanity. Table of Contents Introduction: Deliberate Detours 1. Assessing Resources?What?s in Your Pocket? 2. Beacons in the Fog and Catalyzing Statements 3. Values?A Firm Foundation 4. Zig Number 1?Drive to Profitability 5. Zag Number 2?Adding Processes and Resources 6. Zig Number 3?Adding Scale 7. Boundaries and Guardrails 8. Rewards?Finding Hidden Treasures 9. Avoiding the All-or-Nothing Trap

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