ISBN 9788178299174,Theory and Practice of Leadership

Theory and Practice of Leadership


Ned Kock


Sage South Asia



Sage South Asia

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178299174

ISBN-10 8178299178


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


Systems Analysis & Design Fundamentals: A Business Process Redesign Approach uniquely integrates traditional and modern systems analysis with design methods and techniques. By using a business process redesign approach, author Ned Kock enables readers to understand, in a very applied and practical way, how information technologies can be used to significantly improve organizational quality and productivity. Key Features: - Breaks new ground in the teaching of systems analysis and design by going significantly beyond what one would normally find in similar texts in terms of business process redesign, as well as related emerging trends in business - Offers a strong hands-on approach that is better aligned with what happens in the real world of organizations today than most traditional textbooks on the topic - Identifies new and innovative business processes for organizations through several mini-cases and one comprehensive case Table of Contents Preface Acknowledgments Introduction I: EMERGING TRENDS IN BUSINESS Part I Case: The FBI`s Virtual Case File Data, Information, and Knowledge Flow in Business Processes Return on Investment in Technology II: UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS PROCESSES Part II Case: DoD`s Software Procurement from CSC The Past, Present, and Future of Business Process Redesign Business Process Modeling Approaches and Diagrams III: CHANGING BUSINESS PROCESSES Part III Case: IBM Global Financing`s Credit Issuance Process Selecting a Target for Successful Businesss Process Redesign Representing Information and Knowledge in Business Processes Redesigning Business Processes IV: TECHNOLOGY-BASED BUSINESS PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION Part IV Case: Investars, Inc.`s Outsourcing of Programming to Belarus Using IT to Enable New Process Designs Redesigning Little Italy Restaurants V: ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ISSUES Part V Case: Denver International Airport`s Baggage Handling System Database Design Concepts and Issues Object-oriented Design Concepts and Issues Business Process Automation with ASP Conclusion Appendix A: Complete ASP Code Examples Appendix B: Answers to Review Questions Index