ISBN 9780074620526,Theory And Problems In Production And Operations Management

Theory And Problems In Production And Operations Management



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9780074620526

ISBN-10 0074620525


Number of Pages 698 Pages
Language (English)


Theoretical concepts in production and operations management are best assimilated by students when they are expressed in figures and applied to various situational contexts in terms of a problem and its solution. This book explains and enhances conceptual understanding through problems and solutions, questions and answers and further self-study questions. It covers all quantitative aspects of production and operations management, comprehensively, Salient Features: Brief explanation of basic concepts in every chapter. Worked examples and 225 Solved Problems. 300 Objective type questions with answers. 116 unsolved problems and numerous other discussion questions. Real-life cases to help students relate to the practical world. Elaborate treatment of all topics and covers recent trends in the subject. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Forecasting 2. Location of Facilities 3. Layout of Facilities 4. Inventory Control 5. Purchasing 6. Materials Requirement Planning 7. Project Appraisal 8. Project Implementation through Network 9. Maintenance and Spares Management 10. Work Study and Incentives 11. Management of Quality 12. Production and Operations Planning