ISBN 9788183071833,Think & Grow Rich

Think & Grow Rich





Goyal Saab Publisher

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183071833

ISBN-10 818307183X


Number of Pages 302 Pages
Language (English)

Personal Development

Napoleon Hill's earlier work discussed the 16 principles to success based on long discussions he held with some of the most successful people alive at the time. In this title, he draws on those principles again and condenses them even further to help people apply them to their jobs, dreams and lives. In 13 laws, Hill shows that success is a factor closely related to Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence, Power of the Master Mind, the Mystery of Sex Transmutation, the Subconscious Mind, the Brain and the Sixth Sense. One of the fastest selling books of its time, Think and Grow Rich expands on Andrew Carnegie's ideas that directed thought can help achieve one's dreams.
About the author:-
Napoleon Hill was an American writer who pioneered the genre of self-help and personal-success. His books on success are considered to be the best in the genre and he is known for: The Law of Success, The Magic Ladder To Success, How to Sell Your Way through Life, You Can Work Your Own Miracles and Outwitting the Devil among other titles.
A staunch believer of the maxim that what a mind believes in can be achieved, Hill entered the field of analysing success through his meeting with Andrew Carnegie, one of the most powerful men at the time. Through him, Hill met some of the most successful men and women in the world and began to try and understand what made them different and what made their lives so successful. Hill's teachings are still being used to teach personal development at colleges and professional institutions even today.