ISBN 9788132104650,Thinking Creatively at Work : A Sourcebook

Thinking Creatively at Work : A Sourcebook


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104650

ISBN-10 813210465X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)


This book presents a historical and analytical overview of social development in Sri Lanka within a social policy conceptual framework. The author identifies three distinct phases of development of social policy in the country?that of the early, late and post colonial state. Further, he shows how Sri Lankan social development has since been reframed by a combination of neo-liberalism and a protracted civil war. This shift from the country?s unique social welfare structure to one marked by warfare is examined in the context of the impact of a new `welfare regime` on its society. Table of Contents Foreword by JAMES MIDGLEY Introduction I: SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL POLICY Changing Ideas of Social Policy Rethinking Social Development Marshall and Citizenship Theorising II: THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN SRI LANKA The Formative Phase of Social Development in Sri Lanka Welfarism and Democratisation in the Late Colonial State (1931-48) Consolidation of the Welfare State III: The END OF AN ERA AND REFRAMING WELFARISM Retreat from the Welfare State Reclaiming Social Democracy: Charting a ?Third Way? for Sri Lanka Postscript: Taking Stock after the Fall of Sri Lanka?s `Berlin Wall` Afterword by NIMAL SANDERATNE References Index