ISBN 9788131706619,Thinking In C++ (Volume -1)

Thinking In C++ (Volume -1)


Bruce Eckel



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Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788131706619

ISBN-10 8131706613


Number of Pages 814 Pages
Language (English)

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The book, Thinking in C++, introduces the C++ programming language to its readers, assuming that they have basic knowledge of the C programming language. The code in this book maintains the standards set by the ANSI. The book also introduces the reader to the core concept of Objects in C++, showing the readers how to create and make use of them. The reader is also given an insight into the likenesses of C++ and its predecessor, C. Important theories such as dynamic creation of objects, polymorphism, inheritance, and virtual functionality, are explained thoroughly through the course of this book. In addition to that, it also introduces the subject of templates in C++. This edition of Thinking in C++ has been edited and published, giving the reader a fresh approach to C++ code according to the ANSI guidelines. Apart from that, the book also contains highly important aspects of the language that has numerous real-world applications. This book has been appreciated greatly by programmers, and is considered a best-seller publication of the author, along with the book Thinking in Java.

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