ISBN 9788121211857,Threat Persception In A Globalizing World With Special Refrence To India

Threat Persception In A Globalizing World With Special Refrence To India



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788121211857

ISBN-10 8121211859

Hard Back

Number of Pages 350 Pages
Language (English)

20Th Century History: C 1900 To C 2000

The concept of 'threat perception' is central to the study of International relations, as there exists a symbiotic relationship between international relations studies, foreign policy studies and defense studies. While stray articles are written on the subject, a book length treatment of the subject is uncommon. Threat perceptions are usually analyzed with reference to an individual country. Regional and global level configuration of forces is rarely touched upon. As can be readily recognized, neither threats nor their perceptions are eternally fixed. If there are no permanent friends and enemies but just permanent interests in international relations, threats and their perceptions are varied and disparate across time and space. They emanate from the dynamics of a given intra and international ambiance face by states. Since dynamics are, ipso facto, in a state of eternal flux, no long term theorizing on a universal scale sounds feasible on the subject. Yet the subject of threat perception is far too important to be left unstudied in a systematic way. In the present volume, an attempt is made to throw light on the phenomenon of threat perception from different angles. The introduction proffers theoretical understanding of the concept. An overview of the Indian sensitivities/sensibilities on the subject is then attempted. Eminent national and international scholars have attempted to cover multifarious areas/aspect/dimensions of the subject with reference to different countries and regions of the world. Top level defense personnel and journalists, besides the eminent academics, have joined this exercise of analyzing the concept of threat perception.