ISBN 9780852268520,Thyristors: Theory And Applications

Thyristors: Theory And Applications



New Age International

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780852268520

ISBN-10 0852268521


Number of Pages 332 Pages
Language (English)


Since its introduction in the early sixties, the thyristor has come to stay as a basic building block in many industrial and power system applications. Today, thyristors are being increasingly used for diverse applications in the industrial field. The present book encompasses the rapid advances in the theory and practical applications of thyristors. The first section of the book covers characteristics of thyristors, their fabrication technology; line commutated converters and inverters, dual converters and forced commutated inverters. The second section is entirely devoted to the delineation of thyristor application in the control of ac and dc motors, choppers, HVDC transmission lines, optimisation and protection measures. Equally emphasising both theory and application of thyristors this book will be an invaluable text for engineering students and a useful productive reference for professional engineers. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Fundamentals of Semiconductors The Device Fabrica- tion and Thermal Characteristics Series and Parallel Connection of Thyristors Line Commutated Convertors Dual Converters Inverter Circuits Harmonic and Power Factor with the Converter System Testing of Thyristor Converters General Applications Control of DC Motors Controllers and their Optimisation Choppers and Transpor- tation System Application HVDC Transmission Lines The A.C. Motor Control Faults and Protection