ISBN 9780141344720,Time Riders (Set of 5 Books)

Time Riders (Set of 5 Books)


Alex Scarrow


Puffin Books



Puffin Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780141344720

ISBN-10 0141344725

Box Set

Language (English)


Time travel was easy enough to begin with. It was a simple concept, go back in time, observe, and return. However, not everyone agreed with that idea. There were those who'd rather change history subtly, to their own greedy ends. But time is like a chain reaction, change one thing and you could change all of history with the ripples which affected future generations. If there's no one to police it, everything we know could be lost. In this series of science fiction books, an agency in charge of keeping tab of time and history constantly checks in on the time travellers, and fixes the changes that people make to prevent all of history from being affected. They're the TimeRiders, and they will do anything to stop time travel from destroying the world.

About Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow is a British writer who is best known for his young adult novels. He has also written: The Candle man, A Thousand Suns, Last Light, Afterlight, and October Skies.

A former guitarist, Scarrow abandoned his music career to work as a graphic artist and became a computer game designer, working on Waterworld, Evolva, The Thing, Spartan, Gates of Troy, Legion Arena, and Ultimate Soccer Manager. He began writing through screenwriting. He currently resides in Norwich with his family.

Alex Scarrow is also the brother of the best-selling author Simon Scarrow.