ISBN 9788183281591,Timeless Traditions Contemporary Forms : Art & Craft of Madhya Pradesh

Timeless Traditions Contemporary Forms : Art & Craft of Madhya Pradesh


Tinoo Joshi


Wisdom Tree



Wisdom Tree

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183281591

ISBN-10 8183281591


Number of Pages 90 Pages
Language (English)

The arts: general issues

Crafts are a true expression of a community's cultural identity. Traditional craft works often depict the social and aesthetic character of a society, and have been sustained over time not only because of their rich symbolic content, but also because of their contribution to the socio-economic growth of the region. The rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh is evident from the variety of traditional arts and crafts produced in the state ? from textiles to woodwork, jewellery to leather products, and toys to bamboo products and tribal arts, Madhya Pradesh is a veritable cornucopia of artisanal excellence. Its erstwhile royal rulers were enthusiastic patrons of arts and crafts, commissioning and supporting exquisitely embroidered textiles, sculptures, paintings and jewellery. This book attempts to bring out the strong socio-economic and cultural factors that have been the inspiration for the evolution of the rich tradition of arts and crafts in Madhya Pradesh. Keeping the historical and cultural perspective in mind, Timeless Traditions; Contemporary Forms looks at how these arts and crafts have developed over time, what their status is today and what the future holds for these aesthetic creations.