ISBN 9781405206266,Tintin : Land Of Black Gold

Tintin : Land Of Black Gold








Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781405206266

ISBN-10 1405206268


Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)

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As war looms over oil supplies in Europe, Tintin sets off on another adventure to the Middle East to arrive at the bottom of the oil contamination mystery and the disappearance of a young prince in Land Of Black Gold. Summary Of The Book Land Of Black Gold is the fifteenth volume in the series, Adventures of Tintin. The book was redrawn to be set in the fictional state of Khemed. In the Land Of Black Gold, Tintin is puzzled by spontaneously exploding car engines all around the country. A little investigation reveals that this is because the petrol used in the cars has been tampered with in a way that causes explosions. This results in most vehicles reducing their use of gasoline, leading to economic crisis that threatens to bring war. As the country prepares itself for war, Captain Haddock is summoned and commanded to set sail. Following their investigations, Tintin and Thomson and Thompson board a petrol tanker to Khemed, where their suspicions lie. As soon as they arrive, they are arrested. While the twins are released, Tintin falls into the clutches of Bab El Ehr, an Arab insurgent. However, he manages to escape by playing dead. Soon after, he comes across his old enemy Doctor Muller, whom he sights sabotaging an oil pipeline. He reunites with Thomson and Thompson and goes behind Muller, whom he suspects to be responsible for the kidnapping of the local Emir Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab's son, Prince Abdullah. He enters Muller's study and becomes involved in fits of sneezing powder drama. Is Muller the foreign agent responsible for contaminating the fuel supplies? How does he do it? Land Of Black Gold concludes on a humourous note where Thomson and Thompson swallow the pill that was used to sabotage the oil, and experience internal explosions continually, not to mention growing long hair that changes colour. About Herge Herge, the pen name of Georges Prosper Remi, was a Belgian cartoonist whose best known work is the Adventure of Tintin series, made from 1929 till his death in 1983. His other books are The Crab with the Golden Claws, Tintin and the Blue Oranges, Tintin and the Temple of the Sun, Totor, The Adventures of Tim the Squirrel out West, The Amiable Mr. Mops, and The Adventures of Tom and Millie. Both as the author of the stories and the executor of the drawings, he mastered the genre of humour adventure fiction and invented the ligne claire (clear line) drawing technique. Herge was born in Belgium in 1907. Herge is the ninth-most often translated French language author. He has received several accolades and awards, including the Grand Prix Saint Michel of the city of Brussels and an entire museum dedicated to his works called The Herge Museum in Belgium. 1652 Herge is an asteroid belt that is named after him. Many of his books have been made into films.