ISBN 9788183860505,Tipsy The Hurricane Hero

Tipsy The Hurricane Hero


Tara Press



Tara Press

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183860505

ISBN-10 8183860508

Hard Back

Number of Pages 25 Pages
Language (English)

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes & other natural disasters

The Andersons, a fictional Scottish family in New Orleans, decide to evacuate to Texas as Hurricane Katrina approaches. Tizer, the Andersons? pet schnauzer, sniffs the air and paces restlessly around the family?s apartment balcony, sensing danger and taking a leadership role as he predicts the storm to the other family pets: Tipsy, the hamster; and the two turtles, Sheldon and LD. After listening to the news, the children, Ryan and Kirsty, and their parents prepare to pack up and drive out of the city to safety. Confusion breaks out when Tipsy is discovered to have escaped from his cage, and the family must give him a generous supply of food, and leave him behind. Tipsy escapes to the roof, witnesses and survives the height of the storm, and is able to greet his delighted family when they return.