ISBN 9788183223683,Tirupati




Manjul Publishing House

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788183223683

ISBN-10 8183223680


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (Tamil)

Nature & existence of God

Tirupati (Tamil) analyzes the philosophy surrounding the god of Tirupati. This handy guide book will help the devotees of Tirupati connect better and gain a deeper understanding of the temple and Lord Tirupati. The book will also enlighten the readers with what is considered a sin, what is dharma with help of anecdotes on sorrow, neglect, success, and faith. This book traces the historical and divine origins of the temple at Venkatachala. It also provides a glimpse of the holy shrine which is one of the important religious places in the world. The book also includes valuable information on the festivals of Tirupati, the slokas read in the temple and various dos and don’ts of the holy temple. The book comes with a foreword by the head priest of the holy shrine. This book will make for a perfect read for all the devotees of Lord Sri Venkateswara and those who believe that destiny can be changed through god.