ISBN 9788174760517,Tom Jones (Ubspd's World Classics)

Tom Jones (Ubspd's World Classics)



VT Lifeskills, Thirsk

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788174760517

ISBN-10 8174760512


Number of Pages 838 Pages
Language (English)


Tom Jones as a comic epic with mock-heroic invocations and descriptions scattered throughout the novel. But the comic and 'mock' elements with an underlying irony serve an important artistic purpose. It enables Fielding to make certain points about society, to deflate certain kinds of pretensions, to communicate an intense social concern between the 'high' and the 'low' sections of society which makes it a highly topical novel to this day. At the same time; it is a book of vitality, hilarity and charm which is common with his earlier classic, Joseph Andrews and his numerous plays which he called 'farces'. The novel is centred around Tom Jones a lusty, passionate, highly sexed young man, as well as impulsively generous and easily moved by others' sufferings. Tom Jones is thrown out of the home of his foster father and hits the road where he has numerous adventures that reflect the moral complexities of the novel.