ISBN 9788132109440,Toward a Geopolitics of Hope

Toward a Geopolitics of Hope



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132109440

ISBN-10 8132109449

Hard Back

Number of Pages 276 Pages
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Toward a Geopolitics of Hope posits a world order marked less by univocal globalization than by a grating geopolitics of rival capitalisms. Now that China, Russia, and much of the undemocratic developing world have embraced capitalism, this new Second World can no longer be regarded as a fleeting phenomenon. Globalization turns out to be anything but the steadfast ally of democratization it purports to be. Indeed, the Western democratic experiment of the last two centuries is starting to look very tentative and parochial. For this the West has nothing to blame but itself. In many respects the new Second World was spawned by First World neoliberal engagement. The Washington Consensus has not only brought the world to the brink of an intractable economic depression, but has played midwife to a chronic geopolitical crisis. Hope, however, is anything but defeatist in the face of this globalist impasse. It draws upon a host of non-Western reformisms with special attention to those of India, Burma, and the Arab Spring to forge a Global Third Way. Likewise its moral realism bridges the classic imperatives of Third World social justice and First World security. Its paramount goal is not just a new soft power politics, but a post-globalist geopolitics of hope. About the Author William H. Thornton is a professor of cultural studies and globalization at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. His previous books include Development Without Freedom: The Politics of Asian Globalization (co-authored with Songok Thornton, 2008), New World Empire: Civil Islam, Terrorism, and the Making of Neoglobalism (2005), Fire on the Rim: The Cultural Dynamics of East/West Power Politics (2002), and Cultural Prosaics: The Second Postmodern Turn (1998). He is the Editor for Asia at The Journal of Developing Societies. Songok Han Thornton is an adjunct assistant professor teaching global studies at the Language Center of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. Her research specialties are International Relations and globalization/International Political Economy. She is the co-author of Development Without Freedom: The Politics of Asian Globalization (2008). Her other publications include articles in journals such as the Journal of Third World Studies, The Journal of Developing Societies (three times), World Aff airs (twice), New Political Science (twice), Development and Society (twice), Znet, Dissident Voice, CTheory, American Studies, and Mosaic. She is on the editorial boards of The Journal of Developing Societies and Asia Journal of Global Studies. TABLE OF CONTENTS : - 1. Introduction 2. Second World Redux: The Case for Moral Realism 3. After the American Century: The De-Westernization of Globalization 4. Russia Turns East: Putinism and the Making of Kremlin Capitalism 5. The New China Model: Power through Political Underdevelopment 6. Tibets Long Shadow: China, India, and the Cold War over Asian Values 7. Tibet of the South: Burma as Geopolitical Testing Ground 8. Indo-Globalization: India and the Crisis of Asian Democracy 9. Race to the Bottom: Globalization with Chinese Characteristics 10. Freedom without Borders: Lessons of the Arab Revolt for the Globalist West 11. Conclusion The Search for a Post-Globalist Third Way 12. Index