ISBN 9788132105046,Towards a New Poverty Agenda in Asia

Towards a New Poverty Agenda in Asia


Arjan De Haan


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132105046

ISBN-10 8132105044

Hard Back

Number of Pages 284 Pages
Language (English)


This book describes the role of social policy in the context of globalization and rapidly changing economies and societies in Asia. It compares the social policy experience of a number of countries with a focus on East Asian (China, Indonesia, Vietnam), and South Asian (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) models and experiences. Over the last decade, particularly since the Asian financial crisis, extension of social protection to people affected by crisis has been a major theme in national and international policy debates. In comparing the way social policy has evolved and studying its effects in various countries of Asia, the author provides a wide canvas and brings out the similarities and differences in the national experiences, while simultaneously providing explanations. His research brings together three separate streams of study?politics, sociology, and economics?to analyze the ground reality of Asian experiences. Table of Contents Preface Introduction I: SOCIAL POLICY IN AN AGE OF GLOBALIZATION Why Social Policy Matters Globalization: All Boats Rising or Growing Divides? Demise of the State? International Development and Social Policy II: SOCIAL POLICY REGIMES Latin America: From Corporatism to Liberalism The Short Era of the Developmental State in Africa East Asia: Social Policy?s Role in Economic Success South Asian Welfarism III: CONCLUSION A Normative Framework for Social Policy Annexure: Selected Data on Well-being and Government Spending References Index