ISBN 9789380601540,Towards A Politics of the (Im) Possible:The Body in Third World Feminisms

Towards A Politics of the (Im) Possible:The Body in Third World Feminisms


Anirban Das


Anthem Press India



Anthem Press India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380601540

ISBN-10 9380601549

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Number of Pages 210 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Anirban Dass work is an important contribution to contemporary discussions on the post-colonial subject. It views some of the vital questions that confront the third world, especially its women, from a wide range of theoretical perspectives deeply analyzed and philosophically nuanced. -Franson Manjali, Professor, Centre of Linguistics and English, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Expansive, rigorous and lucid, Toward a Politics of the(Im)Possible offers a significant contribution to ongoing debateson the body, gender and identity. Through a series of meticulousand ambitious readings, the book brings together theoretical workand a sense of location in unique ways. -Udaya Kumar, Professor,Department of English, University of Delhi
This book works at the intersection of two related yet differentfields. One is the heterogeneous feminist effort to questionuniversal forms of knowing. The expression embodiment of knowledgedeploys the notions of time (as history), space (as location) andpolitics (as partiality of perspective or standpoint) tointerrogate the purported universality of knowing. Embodiment isone important concept through which feminist philosophies try toperceive the attempt of questioning the universal. The second fieldfollows from mind/body dichotomy. Embodiment is traditionallyunderstood to involve an act of simple inversion - valorizing the(material) body in place of the mind. However, if meanings are seento produce the body as a system of signification, embodiment getsreduced to another form of the significatory mechanism.
The book explored the dynamics of the production of the bodywith a focus on the others (death, sexual and colonial differences)that fracture and define the notion of the body. An ethicalresponsibility to the others consonant with this ontologicallydifferentiated body distinguishes this notion of embodiment fromstandard versions of third world feminism. The development of thisnotion requires an elaboration of the ways in which power andscientific rationality work (epistemically) in a postcolonialsetting. Finally, the book presents the notion of embodiedknowledges as inseparable from a deconstructive politics of the(im)possible.

1. Body, Power and Ideology
2. Thinking the Body: Metaphoricity of the Corporeal
3. Thinking the Body - Negotiating the Other/Death
4. Thinking the Body - Beyond the Topos of Man
5. Violence and Responsibility: Embodied Feminisms

About the Author: Anirban Das

Anirban Das holds a PhD in Philosophy from Jadavpur University,Kolkata, India. He is currently a Fellow in Cultural Studies at theCentre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, India.