ISBN 9788132106319,Towards the Next Orbit

Towards the Next Orbit


Subir Verma


SAGE Response



SAGE Response

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132106319

ISBN-10 8132106318

Hard Back

Number of Pages 466 Pages
Language (English)


The global meltdown, the concomitant demise of legendary corporate behemoths, and the challenge of competing in a world marked by unprecedented complexities, volatility, discontinuities, and ambiguities, have pushed discussions on survival and excellence to the forefront. Towards the Next Orbit: A Corporate Odyssey brings forth ideas, experiences, studies, insights, and suggestions from renowned theoreticians and practitioners towards changing and succeeding in a new world. The first part of the book comprises rich conceptual papers and research-based empirical papers written primarily by thought leaders from all over the world. The second part comprises dialogs with persons who are well known in the business landscape as ??change masters.?? The chapters discuss cutting-edge ideas in the areas of corporate behavior, positioning, growth, leadership, employee relations, and so on. Together, the articles and interviews will help readers develop perspective, cognitive framework, behavioral repertoire, and portfolio of practices for making the transition from simply functioning to achieving excellence. Table of Contents Preface I: PAPERS Routes to Peaks for Building Corporate Renaissance ASHA BHANDARKER and PRITAM SINGH Strategic Positioning Choices for Indian Businesses: Beyond Jugaad into the Next Orbit ARUN KUMAR JAIN and AJAY SINGAL Finding the Future and Making It Happen JOHN PISAPIA Managing Performance: Beyond Value-based Leadership SHIVGANESH BHARGAVA Empowerment Practices and Corporate Effectiveness: Either be Democratic or Go Bust SUBIR VERMA Antecedents of Employee Performance and the Role of Job Satisfaction as a Mediator SOUMENDU BISWAS Managing Talent through Employee Engagement Strategies JYOTSNA BHATNAGAR Bharat Petroleum: Building Capabilities through Competency Modeling S MOHAN Architectural Innovation and SAIL??s Strategic Response SHUBHABRATA BASU CEO Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Employee Affect Responses at the Workplace Asha BHANDARKER, ASHITA GOSWAMI, and KSHIPRA RUSTOGI Managerial Work Values in Public Sector Banks in India: An Exploratory Study DEEPA MAZUMDAR Emergence of the Born Global Entrepreneur: An Indian Case Study SUMATI VERMA Orchestrating Change: Shared Intentions is the Key Factor Enabling Change to Happen DAVIDE SOLA, MARIE TAILLARD, and GIOVANNI SCARSO BORIOLI A New Terrain of Leadership Development: An Indian Perspective MEENA SURIE WILSON and ELLEN VAN VELSOR American Human Resource Management Techniques Fit Poorly in Latin America ALFREDO BEHRENS and JAMES WRIGHT Twin-born Antipodes: Leadership and Management as Methods of Organizational Rule ARMEN E PETROSYAN II: DIALOGS WITH CHANGE MASTERS Bharti Airtel: From Best to Next Towards Transformation: K.R. Kamath??s Oddysey Towards Cutting Edge Competitiveness: Issues and Challenges for Indian Managers March Towards the Next Horizon: Lessons in Capability Building in Maruti Towards HR??s Integration with Business Cultural Routes to Excellence: The LG Experience Kaleidoscope of Leadership: The Ageless Mantra Towards the Next Orbit: Wisdom for HR Professionals About the Change Masters Index