ISBN 9780761935858,Towards Water Wisdom

Towards Water Wisdom


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780761935858

ISBN-10 0761935851


Number of Pages 270 Pages
Language (English)


Towards Water Wisdom makes a fervent plea for an urgent and radical transformation of our thinking on water. The author redefines the projected water crisis as one of mismanagement rather than scarcity, and calls for a more equitable, harmonious and sustainable management of the resource. Water-related conflicts are also discussed, including the Indus Treaty, the differences over Baglihar, the Cauvery and Ravi-Beas disputes, and rehabilitation problems in the Narmada Valley. The author questions the idea of property rights in water and argues that the fundamental or human right to water must take precedence over contractual and economic rights. The inadequacies of India`s water laws and policies are examined and a case made for a constitutional declaration on water and a national water law. Finally, the author widens the perspective and draws attention to a changing world that makes a change in our thinking imperative. Table of Contents Preface Preamble: Understanding Water I. UNDERSTANDING THE CRISIS: Water Crisis: The Mainstream View The Water Scene in India Water Governance The Question of Politicization Re-Examining Past Thinking The Question of Demand Crisis or Crises? Crisis of Understanding Apotheosis of Fallacy: ILR Project Supply-Side Conundrum II. UNDERSTANDING CONFLICTS: RIVER-WATER DISPUTES: Indus Treaty: A Re-Examination Differences over Baglihar The Cauvery Dispute: Continuing Impasse The Punjab Imbroglio River-Water Disputes: Some Reflections III. CONFLICTS OF OTHER KINDS: Narmada: Abandoning the Displaced Profit versus Life Privatization, Markets IV. Making Sense of Laws and Policies: Legal Inadequacies and Perplexities Policies: Muddled or Worse? Transforming the Laws: A Constitutional Declaration on Water? Transforming the Laws: A National Water Law? V. TAKING NOTE OF OTHERS? THINKING: Issues and Concerns in the Neighbourhood Some International Formulations: A Critique A Parenthesis on a Different View VI. DRAWING THE THREADS TOGETHER: Some Glimmers of Hope Towards Wisdom on Water The Larger Framework: New Thinking for a Changing World Appendix I: List of Author?s Writings Appendix II: Some Select Book Reviews References and Select Bibliography Index