ISBN 9781841498683,Towers Of Midnight

Towers Of Midnight



Om Books International

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781841498683

ISBN-10 1841498688


Number of Pages 864 Pages
Language (English)


Perrin Aybara meets the Children of the Light who have raised their powerful leader, Galad Damodred. While the Dark One's getting stronger, the Pattern is also getting clearer with the Shadow armies marching on to the Third Age.

Towers Of Midnight: Wheel Of Time is the 13th book in the The Wheel Of Time series, which draws the adventure closer to its finale. Perrin Aybara is hunted by the Whitecloaks and it is only a matter of time before he takes up his true responsibilities as the leader. He must also seek answers and find the path that will help him overcome the wolf. Will he do so in time? Or will he be lost forever?

This story also follows the journey of the second protagonist, Matrim Cauthon. He must prepare for the most challenging task of his life, to seek the creatures of Aelfinn and Eelfinn who have tortured him for years. Perhaps it is time for him to finally have his revenge. But will he successfully face his enemies or will the Tower of Ghenjei, with its dark secrets, consume him forever?

This work contains 57 chapters along with a prologue and epilogue. It is one of the most extensive novels in the series. Towers Of Midnight: Wheel Of Time was rated at the highest spot on the New York Times bestseller list. The author, Robert Jordan, passed away before the publication of this novel, but left behind a portion of it, which led to interesting developments in the protagonists' lives. The plot deals with the end that is drawing near and the Pattern that is finally revealing itself to the characters and readers alike.