ISBN 9781841498690,Towers Of Midnight

Towers Of Midnight



Octopus Publishing Group

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781841498690

ISBN-10 1841498696


Number of Pages 976 Pages
Language (English)


m, in order to destroy Perrin’s forces and trap him. Hounded by his past, Perrin must fight unseen enemies along his way, both outside and within himself, in order to emerge victorious in the face of danger. His fate hangs in the balance as his only hope lies in the answers that he seeks in Tel'aran'rhiod. When Rand al'Thor informs Egwene al'Vere about his plans to destroy the seals on the Dark One's prison, Egwene, who is not in favour of his ideas, warns other rulers about his intentions and asks them to come to the meeting arranged by Thor in order to dissuade him. Matrim Cauthon has the toughest challenge ahead of him. Disoriented and shamed in the past by Eelfinn and Aelfinn, the creatures beyond the stone gateways who have resurfaced, much to his dismay, Matrim must once again play a game that he has few chances of winning. Towers Of Midnight was deemed a success, and went on to reach the number one position of the New York Times Bestseller List. About Robert Jordan Robert Jordan was one of the pen names used by American writer James Oliver Rigney, Jr. who was born in 1948. He also wrote under other pseudonyms namely, Reagan O’Neal, Jackson O’Reilly, and Chang Lung. Best known for his bestselling series, The Wheel Of Time, which included novels such as The Path of Daggers and Knife Of Dreams, Robert Jordan also wrote Cheyenne Raiders, The Fallon Saga series which included The Fallon Blood, The Fallon Pride, and The Fallon Legacy, and the Conan The Barbarian series of stories. Born in South Carolina, Robert Jordan served in the United States Army for two years. Thereafter, he completed his undergraduate degree in Physics and worked for the US Navy as a nuclear engineer. He passed away at the age of fifty-eight in 2007