ISBN 9780552168304,Toxic Bachelors

Toxic Bachelors






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780552168304

ISBN-10 0552168300


Language (English)


They were the best of friends and the most daunting of bachelors .. . . Charlie Harrington, a charming, handsome philanthropist, hassuch high expectations for his perfect bride that no mortal needapply . . . Adam Weiss, a forty-something celebrity lawyer, prefershis women very young, very voluptuous, and very short term . . .And for Gray Hawk, a gifted artist with a knack for attractingtroubled relationships, women are fine; it's just the ideaof family he can't imagine (particularly the family of thewoman he's dating). Now, the three friends, spending theirannual summer vacation cruising the Mediterranean aboardCharlie's majestic yacht, are about to have theirbachelorhoods rocked. By autumn, all three will fall precipitouslyinto relationships they never saw coming. Charlie begins dating acrusading social worker who couldn't be further from hisideal - until he makes a stunning discovery about her. Adam getsinvolved with his usual twenty-something bombshell - only this onehas a remarkable mind of her own. And Gray, who has avoided bothbusiness and family like the plague, has managed to fall head overheels for a successful career woman - who just happens to be amother as well. As another holiday on the yacht approaches, andwith it, a turning point in each man's life, the threebachelors are forced to face the things that scare them most: theirphobias about relationships, the wounds of the past - and the kindof women who challenge their deepest terrors. What happens nextwill spark big changes for Charlie, Adam, and Gray - and might justput an end to their carousing days forever. For as theonce-carefree trio is about to discover, love is the mostunpredictable adventure of all. Filled with all the joy, complexityand unexpected surprises of life, Toxic Bachelors is Danielle Steelat her poignant and penetrating best. About The Author: Best-selling novelist Danielle Steel was born in New York City on August 14, 1947. She spent much of her earl