ISBN 9780330368995,Toxin



Robin Cook


Pan Macmillan

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Pan Macmillan

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780330368995

ISBN-10 0330368990


Number of Pages 436 Pages
Language (English)


Recently divorced surgeon Dr Kim Reggis is determined toremain a good father to this only child, Becky. One night he takes her to afast-food restaurant for a feast of burgers and fries, but tragedy strikes whenthe young girl falls ill. She dies horrifically several days later, as a resultof poisoning by E.coli bacteria. Everything suggests her death was the result ofshoddy food-handling practices, but who is going to admit to that? Frantic withgrief, Kim throws all his energies into tracing the cause of contamination. Heis well prepared for bureaucratic indifference, but is soon met with terrifyingviolence as powerful vested interests conspire to discourage his enquiries. Aidedby his ex-wife, Kim pursues a deadly trail of complicity and guilt stretchingfrom the slaughterhouse floor to the corporate boardroom. And, in a race againsttime before others are poisoned, they finally come face to face with theshocking and elusive truth... meanwhile putting their own lives in extremedanger. In Toxin, the acknowledged master of the medical thriller againdelivers a cutting-edge drama that combine today's worst fears with tomorrow'smedical technology.