ISBN 9788170948087,Trading Systems

Trading Systems


Urban Jaekle


Vision Books



Vision Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788170948087

ISBN-10 8170948088


Language (English)


A New Approach to System Development and Portfolio Optimization A Practical Guide to Building a Winning Trading System for Yourself A trading system is a precise set of rules that automatically define market entries and exits. Since the rules are explicit and pre-defined, it makes such a trading system statistically testable. In other words, we can figure out how the system performed in the past and how it would perform in the future with reasonable confidence. This book explains exactly how you can build a winning trading system for yourself: What a trading system is Why you need a trading system How to develop a trading system step-by-step, with examples: Trade entry logic, determination of appropriate exits, risk management controls, profit targets How to test the forecast the power and robustness of your trading system How to periodically adapt your trading system to changing market conditions Position sizing examples: Money management versus risk management. Systematic portfolio trading: How to combine a number of trading systems into an effective portfolio of systems for trading different markets Step-by-step analysis of popular trading systems the Bollinger Band System and the Triangle System Ideas and practical tips for building your own trading systems. This book will help you trade sure-footedly, even in treacherous market waters, and profit through systematic trading.

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